Academic guidelines


Students are expected to attend all classes, practical ministry and Seminars organized and sponsored by NTS. A record of class attendance is kept. In case of unavoidable absence, a written permission from the Authority is required.


Assessment of each course is by means of class tests, assignments and a final examination. In most cases, written assignments and class tests represent 40% of the final mark, and the final examination the remaining 60%.

If a student fails an exam, any opportunity to retake the new exam will be at the discretion of the Academic Committee. An exam retake fee of Rs.100 per paper will be charged from the students.

Grading System:

First Class

A+ (90% above)

A (80% above)

A-(70% Above)

Second Class

B+ (65%)

B (60%)


Third Class

C+ (50%)

C (45%)


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