Aims & Objectives


1. To equip and prepare committed men and women with Biblical base theological knowledge so that they might be effective instruments of the ministry to the local churches.

2. To Prepare the students to be more effective servants and faithful shepherds of His flock. 

3. To impart the students with the Biblical knowledge of preaching, teaching and ability to rightly divide the word of truth.

4. To develop qualified leaders who possess a foundational knowledge of the Scriptures and Biblical view of Christ like style who are endowed with the power of the Holy Spirit. 

5. To emphasis Biblical studies, provide a suitable program of study and environment in which the students may acquire a right knowledge of the word of God.

6. To prepare young men and women to become effective evangelists and inter cultural missionaries.

7. To guide the students in the path of a working knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and instill recognition of their authority over all areas of life.

8. To disciple and instruct students in “Unique Pathways” appropriate to their chosen field of service. 

9. To stimulate the students for a continuing pursuit of intellectual and spiritual development pertaining to the Holy Scriptures.

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